Fitness How to choose the right exercise equipment

The importance of having a proper knowledge on the right exercise equipments cannot be overemphasized.

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There are good numbers of reasons for one to know how to choose the right exercise equipment, but making use of the right one should be placed above all else.

The importance of having a proper knowledge on the right exercise equipments cannot be overemphasized when embarking on the voyage of physical fitness.

However,  before delving into the knowledge of choosing the right exercise equipment, it is important that we know first what physical fitness is.

What is physical fitness?

Physical fitness can simply be defined as a general state of good health, usually as a result of exercise.

The majority of people know not the importance of physical fitness. They do not concern themselves with it. “As long as I am fine and healthy,” they would say; “I do not concern myself with such.”

But then, it is very significant for one to know the importance of physical fitness; as this would bring to his/her knowledge the advantages one derives from engaging in the act of physical fitness.

What are the importance of physical fitness?

1. People who are physically fit are not prone to cardiac and other health related problems.

2. People who are physically fit, tends to be healthier.

3. Physically fit people maintain their most optimum weight.

4. People, who are physically fit, are ever ready to face the daily struggles of life.

5. People, who are physically fit, defy the force of obesity.

6. People, who are physically fit, are protected from stroke.

Now that we have succeeded in obtaining the knowledge of physical fitness and its importance, we can now proceed in highlighting the right exercise equipment.

But, before choosing the right exercise equipment, it is ideal you know the types of fitness exercise that suits you best.

What are the types of physical fitness?

Cardiovascular/Aerobic Exercise

Anaerobic Exercise

Joint Flexibility

Muscular Endurance


1. Cardiovascular/Aerobic exercise: This fitness relates to the ability of the circulatory and respiratory systems (the heart, the blood vessels and lungs) to supply oxygen during sustained physical activity.

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cardiovascular exercise equipment



Cardiovascular/Aerobic Exercise is also referred to as cardiovascular endurance, aerobic fitness and cardiac-respiratory fitness. Some examples of activities that may incorporate cardiovascular fitness are: running, walking, cycling, rowing, stair-climbing and dancing.


2. Anaerobic exercise: Anaerobic means "lack of oxygen." Your muscles are working in an oxygen-deprived state. This causes your body to produce sugar-burning enzymes.

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weight training equipment



Examples of anaerobic exercise include: tennis, football, sprinting, skiing and weight training.

3. Joint flexibility: Flexibility is a health-related component of physical fitness that refers to the range of motion available at a joint, such as your knees or shoulders. Some experts specify that flexibility requires range of motion without discomfort or pain.

Examples of activities that improve joint flexibility are yoga and stretching exercises.

4. Muscular endurance: Muscular endurance is a health-related component of physical fitness that refers to the muscle's ability to continue to perform without fatigue.

Like flexibility, muscular endurance is specific in nature. For true assessment of muscular endurance, it would be necessary to test each major muscle group of the body. Examples of muscular endurance exercise include broad jump, vertical jump, and bench press.

What are the needed exercise equipments for Cardiovascular exercise?

1. Treadmills

2. Bikes

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3. Elliptical Trainers

4. Rowing Machines

5. Stair Machines.

What are the needed exercise equipments for anaerobic exercise?

1. Football Kits

2. Lawn and Table tennis

3. Weight Lifting Equipments:

List of Weight Lifting Equipment

• Hammer Strength Two-tier

• Dumbbell Rack

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dumbbell rack



• G7 Home Gym with bench

• Hammer Strength Olympic Flat Bencher

• Hammer Strength Extension

• Hammer Strength Seated

• Hammer Strength Dip Machine

Lists of skiing equipments

• Skis, Boots and Poles

• Ski Jacket and Pants

• Goggles

• Ski Helmet

• Gloves or Mittens

• Base Layer

• Mid Layer

• Neck warmer

• Ski socks

• Back pack

As can be seen, it is different exercise for different body function. The effect of a cardiovascular exercise does not align with the that of joint flexibility exercise. Knowing this is important because, involving oneself with an exercise different from the one which was originally intended would only lead to an undesired result. Therefore, be certain in your choosing and get the right exercise equipment to aid you.





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