Workaholic Wahala 15 photos that describe the life of a salary earner

The struggle is 9-5, month-end to month-end.

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1. How you look at your accountant on salary day


2. And that moment alert enters

Random photo of a dancing wedding guest play

Random photo of a dancing wedding guest

(Party Jollof)

3. Then you remember that you're owing John, Wale, and Osuofia money


4. You settle them and when you look at your wallet, and the thing is just looking at you like,


5. Then you remember you have to save some money again

  play (Fotolia)

6. The small money, you flex small because you cannor come and die

Davido jokes that he quits music play

Davido jokes that he quits music

(YouTube )

7. By the end of the second week, your account is looking at you like this


8. When your body wants to go out but your account balance says you should sit at home.


9. And when someone says you should go and eat in restaurant, you'll be like,


10. When everybody keeps asking you what you use all your money for


11. You start remembering all the times you were spending money anyhow


12. You check your account balance and the maths is looking one kain


13. Then you promise yourself to be more disciplined at the next salary


14. And by the time alert enters again,


15. You remember that you've borrowed money from another person again


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