Falz to Buhari Our new year message to Buhari is this, "Wehdone sir"

You say one thing. Do another thing. Wehdone sir.

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Falz recently released a new music video, "wehdone sir", and we want to use his message to send our own message to Buhari.

Falz, thank you for this one.

1. "Your wife was on the campaigning for you, but you din remember that time that she belongs in the kitchen and other room"

2. You said you'll create 3 million jobs every year, but even 200,000 jobs never balance.

3. You said you'll give school children one meal per day, you now kuku decided to put the full country on one meal per day.

4. They even said you'll reduce fuel to less than N45 per litre. But izz now 145. Ah,

5. They said we'll have four fully functioning refineries, but fuel price is fully functioning at N145/litre

6. One of your progressive Governors said a school being closed for 8 months is alright. And you just kept quiet there. Muzzbe body language.

7. You said you will pay stipends, but instead you now start collecting stipend from us.

8. Even corpers that you said you'll pay stipend after service, they've nor collected Allowee.

9. You said naira will be stable, but naira is just doing like this,


but anyway, we say,

10. You were making promises you cannor keep, because you belong to everybody and nobody.

11. Your citizens successfully escaped Boko Haram, but somehow, your Airforce managed to catch them.

No investigations. No arrest. Nobody taking responsibility. Nothing. Wehdone sir. Enjoy yourself, we shall see in 2019.

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