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This girl is the only one in the world who we can successfully say she is ‘made of steel’.

Olivia Farnsworth, 7 from Huddersfield, may look like a regular child but has some seriously unique qualities and a rare chromosome disorder that has left doctors and her family in awe.

She never gets tired, can go days without food and doesn’t feel pain.

7-year old girl diagnosed with rare disorder as she’s never hungry, tired and never feels pain play

7-year old girl diagnosed with rare disorder as she’s never hungry, tired and never feels pain

(Metro UK)


She is thought to be the only person in the world who suffers from all three symptoms simultaneously. Metro UK reports.

Her mum, Niki, 32, said her condition is so rare, it didn’t even have a name.

She said: ‘She got run over and dragged down the street by a car and she didn’t complain.

‘She was dragged about ten car lengths down the road. It was horrendous, I don’t think it’s something I will ever get over.

She added: 'While everyone was screaming and freaking out, she just got up and started walking back to me.’

Niki said she first started seeing signs of her daughter’s condition when she was only a few months old.


However Niki saiddthere is a negative aspects of her daughter’s condition: ‘She had bad colic and her hair didn’t grow. She had no hair until she was about four-and-a-half. People called her a boy all the time.

Another struggle the mum-of-five faces with Olivia is that she is prone to violent outbursts.

‘She’s head-butted me, punched and kicked me and can have outbursts of swearing which can be embarrassing if we’re out in public.'

Niki is now trying to raise money for research into the rare disorder through a skydive and hosting a charity tattoo-athon.

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