Caroline's Cart Disabled people can now shop with their families

To carry along any disabled family member in her shopping, Long designed a shopping cart called Caroline's Cart to help with groceries.

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Mother and child. play

Mother and child.

(Little Things.)

A woman named Drew Ann Long  has developed a shopping cart that will help include any of her disabled relative in her shopping trips.

Long, who has been saddled with the responsibility of nursing her 2-year-old son and catering for her daughter who lives on a wheel chair invented the cart which she named after her daughter.

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According to Little Things News, the idea was borne out of a need to extend some of her daily experiences with her daughter.

It was designed with a space that allows a disabled person sit while the shopper picks the groceries or whatever item that is needed.

It is an alternative for children or adults who have a need for help when it comes to mobility, Little Things News reports.