Buhari The President just told me how to beat my boss

My President is chilling in the Jacuzzi, what am I doing with my life in this cubicle?

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Rumours about Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari's health circulated even before he came to power in May 2015 play

Rumours about Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari's health circulated even before he came to power in May 2015

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President Buhari just gave all of us an excuse on how to play our bosses.

The biggest question Nigerians have asked about our President this year, is whether or not Buhari is fit enough to continue as Commander-in-Chief.


But being the baby boy that Sai baba is, he has decided to show us a new way to do these things. Instead of showing up at the office, just tell everyone at the office that you'll now work from home.

At the Federal Executive Council meeting on Wednesday, April 26, 2017, the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed said:

"President Buhari has asked that all the files on his desk be brought to him at his official residence for treatment."

But Oga Lai was sure to clarify one more thing;

“Mr President is not ill again. Mr. President is in town; Mr. President is attending to other issues," Mohammed said at the time.

"He looked at the agenda for the meeting and decided that the vice president should preside. It is not unusual for the vice president to preside over FEC meetings."

Well, I dunno what this means, but I'm preparing an email to send to my boss.

I'm just going to send it to him, and put HR in copy.

I'm going to tell him about how Lagos traffic is stressing me out, and killing my productivity. I'm going to tell him about how I cannor come and be stressing myself to come to work everyday, because you know,


So when they are at the office thinking I'm busting my ass working, I'm just going to be chilling like,

And if my boss wants to disturb me too much and complain that I'm not coming to the office, I'm going to be like, if my president can run the entire country from his house, please what am I doing at the office?

And when my boss tells me to send a selfie to prove I'm actually working, I'm just going to be like,

President Muhammadu Buhari. play

President Muhammadu Buhari.


But in actual fact, I'll most likely just be at home like,


Well, whatever it is that's keeping the President at home, we hope he's alright sha.

Now over to you, are you telling your boss you want to work from home or nah?

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