IT Guys 6 highest paying tech jobs in Nigeria

Tech heads are the most sort after guys in Nigeria today. See how much some of them earn annually

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No. 1: Software Architect, $150,000/year

A software architect designs complex software applications.

No. 2: Software Development Manager, $130,000/year

A software development manager is a project leader for software projects

No. 3: IT Manager, $110,000/year

An IT manager runs manages a company's technology infrastructure.

No. 4: Security Engineer, $100,500/year

A security engineer designs, deploys, and monitors systems that secure a company's network, software, and other assets.

No. 5: Computer Hardware Engineer, $100,200/year

A computer hardware engineer designs computers and all sorts of other electronic devices.

No. 6: Database Administrator, $100,000/year

A company's database is among the most important bits of software it owns, keeping track of customers, transactions, and inventory. A database administrator runs it.