Pulse Communities Podcast Linda Ikeji's grand entrance into tech

In the past few months, Linda Ikeji has launched an online TV platform, a music site, and most recently, a social network. We discuss all of it.

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Pulse Communities Podcast


If you didn't hear that Nigeria's most popular blogger [Aunty] Linda Ikeji launched a full social network on November 1, 2016, you're welcome.

The move was unprecedented and like anything that has to do with Linda Ikeji, there have been many thoughts and opinions on the social network, Linda Ikeji Social (LIS).

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Fu'ad and Folarin decided to have a go at it and got Seye Kuyinu, Chief Technology Officer at Ringier Nigeria (Pulse's parent company) to join in.

Let us know your thoughts on Linda Ikeji's new direction, her social network, and brand in the comment section below.