Mobile App 5 steps to getting found in the crowded App Store

There are over 1.5 million apps currently available on Apple and android app stores which means that mobile app marketers face the huge challenge of competing to be seen, sustaining user engagement and ultimately monetization.

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Tons of apps play

Tons of apps

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There is a growing need to market your mobile app the right way otherwise, it will get lost among other apps available for users to download on their smartphones.

For successful apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Angry birds etc. a huge part of their success can be largely linked to their marketing strategy.

ios and android play

ios and android


Here are 5 tips can you help you market your apps successfully:

1. Be as descriptive as possible

From the first sentence of your description, your target customers should already have an idea about what your app is all about. They should feel bound to click on the ‘more’ button to find out more information.

After they click the ‘more’ button, ensure you give as much details as possible.  Explain what makes it different from other apps, include positive reviews from big news outlets and quote them. Don’t forget to mention other devices your app is available on.

2. Your graphics should be compelling

With technology and the internet, the fastest way to get anyone’s attention is striking visuals. People are generally attracted to whatever catches their fancy; this means for mobile app marketers, it’s best to invest in great graphics.’

Also ensure that the colors you use align with the mood you want your app to capture since colours influence moods. Your graphics should be blue coloured if it is meant to be calming, If it is high energy, also put out a graphic depicting that. Above all try to ensure your graphics depicts the best moods that represents your apps while maintaining aesthetic appeal and originality.

Apps play



3. Make your customers share the good news

In many cases, most users of apps get them through recommendations and referrals from family and friends. It means your customers should be encouraged to share your app with friends on their social networks.

This in turn would encourage many organic new app downloads which will be a big win for your brand. It also helps you get users who already have a positive view of your app.

4. Generate buzz on the right media outlets

After you come up with your pitch, contact the right media outlets. If your target customers are are teenagers, pitch to the blogs they read.

Likewise, contact editors and reporters at fitness magazines if your app helps people lose weight. Know who the key influencers are in your app’s field, because they are who your audience will listen to and seek guidance and advice from.

5. Engage on social media

App users are Internet savvy. When you’re doing your demographics research, try to discover which social media sites your core audience goes on. Through Twitter, you should tweet at your app’s fans, give them promotions and discounts, teach them about the app’s different features, and announce any upcoming news.

On Facebook, it’s critical that you use images, since the engagement rate for photos is higher than that for text. If you’re on Pinterest, pin photos and videos of pertinent categories to your board.

All of your accounts, if possible, should be customized and include a description of your app, company background, a website address, contact information, press, reviews, and any other relevant content.

Your app getting found by target customers can be easy if you choose RDM.

From the development to marketing stages, we are very familiar with all these steps, enough to give your app the big break it deserves.

Contact us at RDM for your digital marketing solutions.

Written by Chisara Imadojemun.

This is a feature by RDM.

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