Aphricanape Comedy Different types of reaction to PDA

This funny video compares African parents reaction to PDA with American parents. Watch!

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You know how some people are totally against PDA (Public display of affection) while others are fine with it. Well this video shows the different reactions people give to PDA.

In this Aphricanage comedy, American parents are being compared with African parents in terms of how they react when they see younger ones/youths displaying affections for themselves publicly.

Aphricanape comedy play

Aphricanape comedy

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While a white parent will totally be cool with it, and in fact desire such for themselves or their children, a black parent will totally go against it, warn their children against and if possible bat the idea out of their heads (in case, it's there).

By the way, when will African parents cease to be compared with American  parents? Lol.

Watch funny video.