Nigerian Student Poetry "Not her" by Adebimpe Oyinkan Rebecca

“Not Her” I scream...Her soul whispers away...Take me instead..

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The lady and her pet play

The lady and her pet

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“Not Her” I scream

The gaping chasm in my heart,

Grows bigger.


“Not Her” I scream,

The rain dropping from my eyes,

Pours in torrents.


“Not Her” I scream,

My chest swells,

As if to burst.


“Not Her” I scream,

The dam in me,

Struggles to break free.


“Not Her” I scream,

My head doubles in size,

Threatening to explode.


“Not Her” I scream,

Her cold, clammy hands,

Reach for the earth.


“Not Her” I scream,

The gaping hole,

Swallows her whole.


“Not Her” I scream,

Her soul whispers away,

Closing her eyes in eternal sleep.


“Not Her” I whimper,

The darkness descends on my heart,

“Take me instead”.


Adebimpe Oyinkan Rebecca is a 400-level student of the Faculty of Law, University Of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State.

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